The Hunters Point Shipyard Citizen's Advisory Committee
(CAC) is a group of San Francisco community residents and
business owners who are selected by the Mayor Office to
oversee the redevelopment process. Convened in 1993, the CAC
has been instrumental in the development of the
Redevelopment Plan as well as the planning process for the
reuse of the Hunters Point Shipyard. After numerous public
workshops and community meetings, the CAC adopted a set of
planning guidelines. The CAC guidelines represent a strong
community consensus and has set the tone for the renewal of
the project area. These guidelines were integrated into the
Redevelopment Plan. They are as follows:

1. Create jobs for economic vitality
2. Support existing businesses and an artist's community
3. Create an appropriate mix of new businesses
4. Balance development and environmental conservation
5. Facilitate appropriate immediate access
6. Integrate land use
7. Acknowledge history
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