Mayor's Hunters Point Shipyard Citizen's Advisory Committee

Office of Community Investment
and Infrastructure

One South Van Ness Avenue, 5th floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-749-2400
Fax 415-749-2485

Interim Executive Director: Nadia Sesay

Senior Project Manager:
Tamsen Drew
Phone: 415.749.2539

Planning/Infrastructure Project Manager:
Lila Hussain
Phone: 415.749.2431

Planning/Infrastructure Development Specialist:
Jonathan Plowman
Phone: 415.749.2577

Assistant Project Manager
Kasheica McKinney

Assistant Project Manager:
Annie Wong

Contract Compliance SBE: George Bridges
Phone: 415- 749-2546


Edwin M. Lee

Board of Supervisors:

District 1 Eric Mar
District 2 Mark Farrell
District 3 Aaron Peskin
District 4 Katy Tang
District 5 London Breed (
District 6 Jane Kim
District 7 Norman Yee
District 8 Scott Wiener
District 9 David Campos
District 10 Malia Cohen
District 11 John Avalos

Oversite Board Members:

Olson Lee
Executive Director
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing

Bob Muscat
Executive Director
International Federation of Professional & Technical
Engineers, Local 21

John Rahaim
Executive Director
San Francisco Planning Department

Nadia Sesay
Mayor's Office of Public Finance

Tom Radulovich
Board Member
Bay Area Rapid Transit District

Yashica J. Crawford, Ph.D.
Program Chair of Psychology
Patten University
Commission on Community Investment
and Infrastructure

Attn: Claudia Guerra, Commission
Office of Community Investment
and Infrastructure
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone  415.749.2458
Fax     415.749.2525

Current members are:

Mara Rosales - Chairperson

Miguel Bustos

Marily Mondejar

Leah Pimentel

Darshan Singh

Lennar Urban  
Lennar Communities - Bay Area Division

One California Street, Ste 2700
San Francisco CA, 94111
Phone: 415-995-1770 Fax: 415-995-1778

Kofi Bonner - Regional Vice President

Director Community Affairs: LaShon A. Walker

Site Development Manager: Jermaine Smith
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HPS CAC Members Email Contacts:

Executive Members:                                                

Full Committee Chair,
Executive Subcommittee Chair
Environmental & Reuse Subcommittee Chair
Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt

Committee Vice-Chair, Ollie Mixon

Committee Secretary, Vacant

Business & Employment Subcommittee Chair:
Dorris Vincent

Housing Subcommittee Co-Chair:
Pastor Joesiah Bell

Housing Subcommittee Co-Chair: Dedria Smith

Planning, Development & Finance
Subcommittee Chair
Richard Laufman
Joyce Armstrong

Neola Gans

Servio Gomez

Scott Madison

Sululagi Palega

Dr. Carolyn Scott

CAC Administrative Support & Site Office Operations
Staff at the Hunters Point Shipyard:

Micah Fobbs, Operations Consultant
Alise Vincent, Site Office Coordinator
Marla Bell, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  415-822-4622
Fax: 415-822-4840